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Shane Ellington

Business Consultant and Owner of Aspis Business Consulting, LLC /\

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a startup go from idea to full concept, helping Develop the idea, Create  marketing plans, and then to Inspire them to succeed, most businesses need one thing, and here is the idea behind /\. When the Spartans went into battle, they carried a shield with Identifying markers, those symbols could be seen in the distance because of their blazen color, the shield they carried, it was called an, Aspis. This company is exactly that, a shield for those who are waging through the complexities of starting a business, from having a idea, to writing a plan, and then to realizing the plan and setting out to achieve it.  We are here to provide a need for a small business that are owned by individuals who do not have that understanding  and need the guidance to achieve their own win, by providing them a system of guiding principles a ( battle plan ) to become a valuable asset to our company as well as to our growing community.

 I am an entrepreneur/business owner who understands the difficulties in starting a business and have defined the need in our community by bringing a more concise and seamless plan.

Its about time to give back to the community. How do we do this? /\